StyleArtStone Philosophy is to enable an excellent integration of classic and modern life by our original designs combined with new techniques and materials for your living spaces. After 5 years of R&D work, we are proud to share the dimensional cast stone products which are inspired by nature. We are creating qualified productions for architectural, interior design and landscape design projects those do not require painting, carrying all aspects of the structure of natural stone.

Our special timeless creations are built on the principle of integrity in all areas of design and will never go out of style. Our unique products that provide you unlimited freedom of design can add value to your buildings, also all the designs that you imagine can be fulfilled, in the most natural way with high-quality standards, by the hands of our highly experienced and talented sculptors.


TEMUR ARCHITECTURE is solution oriented and multi disciplinary architectural and interior design company with the principals; creativity, quality and perfection

TEMUR is a creative service company with the mission to go further and make innovations happen. TEMUR is an architectural and interior design company that gives service to many companies in many different concepts with its experienced and creative team. TEMUR is a pioneer in the design world, with its innovative, practical, functional and rational attitude as well as being investigative, bold and enterpreneur.

TEMUR is a concept producing factory, with a happy team and happy customers. The ideas are realized with the best timing, cost, and quality solutions. TEMUR aims to be happy and give happiness to the customers through all the stages of the project. We like to work in a joyful spirit as a motivation to lead us to best results. We don’t only work for our customers, we exist as a part of the corporate existence of our customers throughout the project. TEMUR’s diverse approach is international and will be spreading wider, representing our country all over the world.